Sport Central Alberta receives ‘significant’ donation of hockey goalie equipment

A historic amount of hockey equipment was donated to a local non-profit organization helping needy children enjoy the sport.

Sport Central Alberta announced Thursday that it has received the largest donation of goalie equipment from the Sherwood Park Minor Hockey Association.

Sheldon Oleksyn, executive director of Sports Central, told CTV News Edmonton that goalie equipment is some of the most expensive equipment in hockey, so it is often passed on to the point of being unusable instead of be given.

“Most of our customers who request goalie equipment are young children,” Oleksyn said. “We have a lot of larger sizes (for) like older teens.

“We have a good supply of it. But making it accessible to our young children is huge for them,” he added. “It fills a major gap in our equipment offering.”

The nonprofit received a “van” of chest protectors, gloves, neck guards, blockers, goalie sticks and pads, all in different sizes for children of different ages. The donation will be enough to help a significant number of needy children, Oleksyn said.

Oleksyn said Edmonton hockey fans know precisely how important it is to have a good goaltender after the Oilers’ last season of hockey.

“It’s difficult to play effectively without a goalkeeper. In Edmonton here, over the past year, we’ve learned again how important the goalie position is to our Oilers,” he said with a laugh.

To find out how to donate equipment or support the local charity, visit the Sport Central website.

Ruth J. Leeds