Rochdale News | Sports News | Rochdale boy, 13, breaks North West powerlifting records in first contest

Date published: July 31, 2022

A 13-year-old boy from Rochdale broke all four North West powerlifting records in his first competition.

Ethan Moore started powerlifting last December after wanting to get stronger. The competition was the teenager’s first and was a novice competition held on Sunday July 10 at the Triple X Powerlifting Club in Stalybridge.

Ethan competed in the under 53kg category, the lightest available, where he performed squats, bench presses and deadlifts. Ethan broke all existing records for moves, as well as his heaviest total lifts.

The squat is the first lift of a competition and the under-18 record was 50 kg; Ethan opened with his first attempt at 52.5kg. His second attempt was a 65kg hit and his last squat was a 72.5kg hit.

Ethan is trained by his grandfather, Ted
Ethan is trained by his grandfather, Ted

Then there was the bench press and the North West record was 42.5kg, Ethan’s opening attempt was a success at 40kg. His second attempt was a success of 45 kg and a new North West record, and his last attempt he increased the record to 50 kg.

Finally came the deadlift, with an existing record of 80kg. Ethan’s first attempt was a new NW record of 82.5kg, he increased the record to 100kg with his second lift. On his last lift, he managed to reach 110 kg, which is equivalent to lifting a 17-pound person 4 pounds off the floor.

The total is the highest lift in each category added together and the previous NW record was 172.5kg, Ethan’s total was a new record at 232.5kg.

Ethan, who is coached by his grandfather Ted Moore, a former two-time British champion and current North West Records Champion for 60-70 year olds, said: “It was my first competition so it was quite exciting. It’s good to know that I hold the current North West record, one day I would like to hold British records.

“I don’t think I could have done it without my coach and grandfather, Ted Moore.”

Ruth J. Leeds