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Date published: June 24, 2022

The wind on Sunday June 19 played tricks on the sailors at Hollingworth Lake. For the first race, a light and variable wind from the northwest was blowing from the shore of the lake.

There was no clear leader at the start for a few stages, then Martin and Rene Watts in a Merlin Rocket broke away to take the lead which they held until the finish. However, in handicap, it was Martin Brennan (Solo) who won with Nick Brook, also in Solo, runner up and Richard Mason with Nicola Thomason (GP14) in third place and the back of Watts in fourth square.

As race two prepares, the wind is showing signs of a change further north. The course and the starting area have therefore been moved. On the second lap, the wind died down with occasional signs of filling around the shore in various directions. The Watts were in the lead again but Martin Brennan found a way to keep going and win on handicap. Several boats retired, leaving Richard Blackburn and Kevin Parry, both solo, to continue and finish in that order.

With the lake looking glassy at times, there was no third run.

Over the weekend, the RYA Northern Regional Championship took place in Ullswater. Five of the club’s young sailors have achieved excellent results, all sailing Toppers. Jasper Bramwell finished second overall out of 25 boats, with 3 race wins to be the best boy. Millie Hayfield finished 10th. The others sailed in a separate fleet with a smaller sail which was won by Annabel Hayfield with Xavier Bramwell second and Annabelle Bramwell in fourth place.

Ruth J. Leeds