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Lake Waco is currently over 4 feet below normal, and many areas where we would normally find largemouth bass and crappie beds are not even underwater. If you fished the lake before the 7ft pool rose in 2003, you can probably fall back on some of your old honey holes to find good fishing. The white bass run generally moves north from the coastal region in February, and some good reports from Austin-area anglers in the past week, along with the start of positive signs around Centex creeks, indicate that Waco is the following.

Outside: White Bass Coming Soon to a River Near You | White bass, or sand bass, typically move from the main bodies of the lakes to settle at the mouths of tributaries before heading upstream to defecate, and the males are the first to make the journey . Then larger, egg-laden females will follow, but factors such as water temperature, stream flow, and others can affect egg fall and fertilization upstream.

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Ruth J. Leeds