Maison Sport joins forces with Snow Camp

The ski instructor booking site has teamed up with the Sliding Sports Association to try to make skiing more inclusive and accessible to everyone. PlanetSKI details what it all means. NEW

Maison Sport donates a percentage of the income from reservations to the Snow Camp.

This will finance the first ski lessons and outings to the slopes for underprivileged children.

Maison Sport will also offer internships for two apprentices from the Snow Camp.

Snow Camp was founded in 2003 and works with young people from diverse backgrounds, who would never have access to skiing without the support of the charity.

Each year, more than 800 young people join their lessons at the indoor snow centers, taking them from complete beginners to qualified instructors in just one year.

As part of their training, young people also discover the mountain environment for the first time.

Renee, 21, from the North West, pictured on the slopes of Passo Tonale on the Excel course at Snow Camp 2022

“This life-changing journey not only provides young people with new skills and life qualifications, but it also opens the door to work opportunities in the ski industry,” said Snow Camp founder Dan Charlish.

96% of young people who complete the Snow Camp go on to a job, further training, studies or other positive destinations.

Ahlam, 16, from the North West, pictured on the slopes of Passo Tonale during the Snow Camp Excel Course 2022

Ahlam, 16, from the North West, pictured on the slopes of Passo Tonale during the Snow Camp Excel Course 2022

Maison Sport, which was founded by ski instructors, has agreed to donate a percentage of all revenue to Snow Camp during the current ski season, between September 2022 and April 2023.

For just £100, Snow Camp can fund a new youngster on their 2-day beginner ski course, which takes place during the summer school holidays.

This means that Maison Sport’s support has the potential to change the lives of over 200 young people, funding their very first experience on the snow away from city center areas or the challenges they may face on a daily basis.

“We are thrilled to partner with Snow Camp and support such an inclusive ski charity,” said Maison Sport CEO and co-founder Nick Robinson.

“As a technology platform that helps people learn to ski, we looked for ways to use our community as a force for good.

“We want to use our wide range of experienced instructors to help introduce more people to the sport, whatever their background.

“Snow Camp is therefore an ideal partner and we believe we can support it not only financially, but also through the network of instructors on our site, and by leveraging their time to teach others who otherwise could not. learn to ski or snowboard.

“By tying the donation to our income, we know we will help more people as we grow. For every lesson a customer books, they will also help pay for an underprivileged youngster to learn to ski or snowboard, who otherwise might not have had the chance.

Image ©Maison Sport.

“On behalf of the entire team, we are exceptionally grateful to everyone at Maison Sport and their wider community for this grassroots line of support,” said Snow Camp Community and Partnerships Manager, Dan Keley.

“We have worked closely with the snow sports industry for nearly 20 years, with groundbreaking partnerships like this having a huge impact on our work.”

As well as helping financially, Maison Sport is also supporting award-winning Snow Camp apprenticeships with two apprentices on placement at Maison Sport in London over the next few months.

Total funds raised will be announced at the end of April 2023 and donations will begin after that.

A full list of the totals raised and the number of young people helped will be published in the spring of next year.

110 young people aged 16 to 21 from 4 regions of the United Kingdom (London, the Midlands, the North West and Scotland) on the slopes of Passo Tonale (Italy) April 2022

110 young people aged 16 to 21 from 4 regions of the United Kingdom (London, the Midlands, the North West and Scotland) on the slopes of Passo Tonale (Italy) April 2022

About Maison Sport

Maison Sport was created by a team of industry professionals with over 25 years of experience in teaching skiing.

All former members of the British Ski Team and fully qualified ski instructors, the founding team of Maison Sport have worked successfully together over the past 5 years.

Maison Sport’s vision was conceived after the trio acquired a traditional ski school in France, where revenues have since increased around 8 times.

Witnessing an antiquated way of booking lessons, they spotted an opportunity to solve a problem for customers and ski instructors, using a technology platform to directly connect the two parties.

Maison Sport offers cost reductions of up to 50% for the client and a more ethical and profitable practice for the instructors who bear 93% of the cost of the lessons.

Like many successful markets, one of Maison Sport’s biggest selling points is its unique instructor reviews, left only by past customers, which allows new customers to make informed decisions about their skiing or skiing lessons. snowboard.

Currently, the Maison Sport marketplace includes more than 364 stations and more than 1,300 qualified and trusted instructors in France, Switzerland, Italy and Austria.

In France, Maison Sport’s pool of instructors is the second after the Ecole de Ski Français, a company founded in 1945.

About the snow camp:

Snow Camp was founded in 2003 in London, before expanding nationally to include Scotland, the North West and the Midlands.

Snow Camp allows young people to reflect on key issues affecting their daily lives and helps them develop new skills to support their future.

This is achieved by harnessing the power of skiing and snowboarding.

Alongside learning to ski or snowboard, young people take part in life skills training, work towards obtaining new qualifications and have access to mental health support.

Over the past 19 years, the association has supported 15,466 young people.

Snow Camp works with a wide range of young people with an average of 70% from BAME backgrounds.

Snow Camp bosses include BBC security correspondent Frank Gardner OBE, Olympic medalist Jenny Jones and former alpine ski racer and TV presenter Chemmy Alcott.

Snow Camp is run by the charity Switch180.

Registered Charity Number England and Wales 1101030, OSCR: SC043344.

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