Jake DeBrusk donates $ 25,000 in equipment to Sport Central

EDMONTON – Sport Central received a big donation thanks to an NHL player born in Edmonton.

Forward for the Boston Bruins, Jake DeBrusk and equipment supplier Bauer have donated more than $ 25,000 in equipment, including brand new skates, helmets and sticks.

Sport Central is an Alberta-based charity that provides free sports equipment to children in need.

Sheldon Oleksyn, Executive Director of Sport Central, said: “It’s not just about what it means for us, but what it means for the kids we put this equipment on.

“It’s about getting into the game and not restricting the kids because they can’t afford it. The goal here is that every child who wants to play brings them to the ice.

DeBrusk had been part of that effort three years ago, donating his equipment through Bauer to the local charity.

When DeBrusk was in the store for a Bauer shoot, Oleksyn asked the pro if he still did, as the organization had not received anything in two years.

Hearing this, DeBrusk quickly called the supplier.

“We received a call the following Monday morning from Bauer’s headquarters,” Oleksyn said.

“They said we were going to donate Jake’s equipment and apparently we have to make up for it. Just send us the list.

DeBrusk joins Colton Parayko and Nick Holden as local NHL players who have donated equipment to the organization.

“They know that these institutions gave them their go and helped them and they really want to give back and give other children the opportunity to do the same as them,” Oleksyn said.

“These guys give us equipment because they just want the kids to have fun and enjoy the game they like.”

Oleksyn told CTV News that children typically walk into the store waiting for lightly used items. So when you tell them it’s brand new and it’s from an NHL player, they’re usually in disbelief.

“These kids are looking at us like we’re pulling their leg,” he said.

“We are happy because we have equipment that we are lacking. It’s a great launching pad for putting a lot more gear on more kids.

Since its inception in 1991, Sport Central has provided more than 145,000 low-income children with sports equipment.

Ruth J. Leeds