Free Kick for Ashton Sports Teams

The senior college hockey and rugby teams recently faced off at Felixton College and won all of their matches in convincing fashion.

Special congratulations also go to the netball team that won their action netball gold final matches to officially win the action netball leagues for Term 1.

Ashton’s action netball team won the action netball league for the first quarter.

Last weekend, 9 students from Ashton also qualified and took part in the South African Junior Swimming Championships in Gqeberha.

They were Sven van der Linde, Stirling Dempsey, St John Spoors, Beux Dempsey, Emily Lott, Hannah Ferreira, Riley Holton, Charlie and Ellen Calf.

Ashton pupils who qualified for the South African Junior National Swimming Championships at Gqeberha included (back) Hannah Ferreria, Riley Holton, Stirling Dempsey, Sven van der Linde, St John Spoors, Emily Lott, (front) Ellen Calf, Beux Dempsey and Charlie Calf.

A few of Ashton’s senior varsity swimmers reached the final (top 8), while in the Intersen phase, Ellen and Charlie Calf earned podium finishes.

Weekend results:
Action Netball – League Finals
14A defeated Northlands 14A 20-8
14B defeated Westville 14B 22-9
16A beat Fatima 15A 19-8

female hockey
14A beat Felixton 14A 5-0
16A beat Felixton 16A 8-0
1st beats Felixton 1st 4-0

3rd grade (10th grade) student Caley Bac skillfully maneuvers the ball.

boys hockey
14A defeated Felixton 14A 3-2
16A defeated Felixton 16A 5-2
16B beats Northwood 16G 1-0
1st beats Felixton 1st 2-0

15A defeated Felixton 15A 17-8
1st defeats Felixton 1st 10-5.

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Ruth J. Leeds