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Narooma Croquet Club’s main event last week was the February General Meeting, held Monday at noon at Club Dalmeny. Highlights of the meeting were the handing out of new member packs to recently joined members, presentation of the president’s report on the outlook for the club, tabling of the treasurer’s report for the previous six months (which showed a financial situation healthy), and outlining by the “Competition Coordinator” handicap changes and preparations for upcoming championships.

There were also reports on recent croquet events, including the Association’s Christmas Cup for Handicap Singles and the successful tryout day for 14 Narooma Men’s Shed participants. “Tribute letters” were delivered to recently retired members.

Additionally, the past week has been busy introducing six new beginners to the game of croquet with the club captain and senior players involved in teaching them the basics of croquet. Meanwhile, a two-day schedule of competitive matches was played during the week with 13 players taking part.

On Monday morning last week, before the general meeting, five matches of golf croquet were played, with Jean Phillips undefeated in two of the matches. The detailed scores were:

Golf croquet double game 1, Court 1 -Jean Phillips 7-3 Sally McGourty. Game 2, Court 1 – Lesley Miles 7-3 Louise Starkie. Court 2 – Training for new beginners Reg Shooter (by Len Favier) and Nevis Res (by Christine Stent). Game 3, Court 1 – Intro Match for New Players – Christine Stent and Nevis Res 7-6 Len Favier and Reg Shooter. Game 4, Court 2 – Jean Phillips and Louise Starkie 7-3 Sally McGourty and Lesley Miles. Game 5, Court 2 – Lesley Miles 7-5 Sally McGourty.

On a rain-threatening Thursday morning, six golf croquet matches and a practice program for three new croquet beginners ended before the rain fell. With the main players busy training the new beginners, the golf croquet matches played were even without standing out.

The detailed scores were: Game 1, Court 1 – Paul Chenoweth 7-3 Louise Starkie and Helen Stannard. Game 2, Court 1 – Helen Stannard and Louise Starkie 7-4 Paul Chenoweth and Mary Ryan. Court 2 – Training for newcomers Nevis Res, Michele Blackburn and Carol Harraway by Christine Stent, Diane Sims and Janet Jones. Game 3, Court 2 – Intro Match for New Starters – Christine Stent and Michele Blackburn 7-6 Janet Jones and Nevis Res. Game 4, Court 1 – Janet Jones 7-5 Len Favier. Game 5, Court 2 – Louise Starkie 3-1 Mary Ryan and Nevis Res [rained out]. Game 6, Court 1 – Len Favier 7-2 Louise Starkie.

Due to persistent rain, games of the association’s croquet competition were canceled on Saturday.

Louise Starkie played enough matches to earn enough wins to be the best player of the week and received the “Blue Cow Award”. Unchallenged, Sally McGourty retained the ‘Pink Pig Award’ from the previous week.


Still, another good group of 148 players faced little inconvenience from changeable weather on Thursday and the score was generous. In Grade A, Matt Dunn had a great day posting 41 points off his handicap of seven while Glenn Mood was favored by the countdown on 39 points to finish ahead of Moore Park’s Tony Foster to finish second. In Category B, Wayne Rollings returned to the winner’s circle with 42 points off his handicap of 18 while Ross Giblett edged Ken Adams with 41 points to take second place. In grade C, Kevin Phillips created great excitement with his inaugural win after posting the best score of the day with 43 runs off his 40 handicap. Trevor Owens and Rene Faurschou held the minor positions with 41 and 39 runs respectively. The NTP winners were David Bennett on 3, Simon Brown and Mitch Mitchell on 9, Moore Park’s Bruce Peel on 14 and Glenn Mood on 17, while the ball competition went down to the middle of the 34-point range.

Only 66 players decided to brave the elements on Thursday and less than half that number finished, as evidenced by balls dropping into the 27-point range. In the two resulting grades, Allan Chisholm won the A grade with 39 runs off his 16 handicap with Robert Coulson and Wayne Rollings in the minor positions with 38 and 37 runs respectively. In Grade B, Tim Millward continued his recent stellar form with 36 points off his 20 handicap, with the minor positions filled by Keperra’s Andrew McInerney with 35 and 34 points respectively. The NTP winners were Simon Brown on three, Nicole Harris on nine, Amanda Rafferty of Pambula/Merimbula on 14 and Nigel Roberts on 17. RGI


Monday’s cloudy skies were threatening at times but luckily didn’t produce the wet stuff for the 35 bowlers Chef Keith put on the menu and had the highest margin of victory to decide winners on 18 runs to Graham or Brett, Brian Eve-stay and Bill Empty-taste of 16 finalists in Peter Rum-back 100, gospeller Bob and Steal Hot-daughter. The first touchdown at rest was recorded by Sienna Don, but again the $337 jackpot remained in the bag while the lucky losers from rink six were Duffer Jones and Mr. and Mrs. Less-sun. The biased bad sinner of the day was repeater Murton and the expertly handled draws by Account Dray-left had the winners in Snoopy Leigh, Ben or Kennie and a punch from Narooma.

Thursday’s skies were similar to Monday’s for the 21 bowlers concocted by Chef Keith who had secret ends to decide 13-point winners in Cheryl Bad-rim, Ben or Kennie and Punter Alan among seven finalists at Hi -ain’t Greg or Mac, Kath Whisky-Anne and Graham or Brett. Sienna Don scored the first touchdown at rest and again the $126 jackpot didn’t explode. The only wrongful sinner was Evangelist Bob. The raffle led by Kath had winners in Bruce Cover-outs, Mayoress Olwyn and Repete Murton.

Friday night twilights have had another wash, so there is still hope for next week. We would like to see more twilight bowlers allowing for more prizes and sponsorship and all players (new or still bowling) over the age of 12, so register by Friday 4:45pm for a 5:30pm start of two hours of fun, pairs of bowls.

Sunday’s Juke Box Bowls for the 22 bowlers, who couldn’t believe their luck with a change in the weather, had a good time until the end when three of the four rinks had draws confounding the result no end but balls, music and food were the winners of the day, with the organizer clearly winning. Well done again Brian. Next month’s Juke Box will be combined with Fishos v Bowlos so pay attention to the date.

Don’t forget to register your names for the championship rounds of triples starting next week.

On Wednesday, 54 bowlers bowled nine rinks of triples. The matches were called off after a few showers interrupted play. The winners, as named by Lucky Rinks, were Mick Cavic, Dennis Maggs and Neville Butt (skip) who tied the six ends but won their match 16-6 over Allan Chisholm, Rod Holman and Peter Jones (skip).

Second place went to John Rowley, Barry Goodwin and John McNamara (skip) who had a very close game where they won 11 ends to 10 and scored 16 all to take the chokies against Don Helmore, Russell Smith and Terry Lewis (skip). John Rowley added to his success by having first contact at rest at 12:40 p.m. while the rest of us were warming up.

On Saturday the rain came and bowling was cancelled.

Sunday, 20 bowlers enjoyed a great day of bowling. The winners, decided by the highest winning margin, were Peter Hawker, Pam Grant and Kevin Callaway (skip) who played a few better bowls to lead all the way to a good win over Clare Cork, Merrie Downie and Ken Burrows (skip ).

Second place went to Jan Rapkins and Peter Jones (captain) who jumped blocks to lead 12-0 after six ends and continued to dominate in their 30-15 win over Warren Bender and Barry Lymbery (captain).

The only consistency match played during the week was the semi-final between Baxter Smith and John Breust. John was in fine form to lead all the way to a 100-37 victory. The final, between John and Greg Ryan, will take place next Sunday morning.

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On Tuesday, February 22, 2022, social bowlers enjoyed three games of triples and one game of pairs in the final week before the fall.

The team with the ‘lowest winning score’ was finally found in Rink Game 10, where Sue Sansom, Pam Grant and Janet Murphy (skip) were tied against Rex Dunn, Cindy Newell and Dawn Kenny (skip). With a score of 12 all, Janet’s team claimed the prize money after winning the most rounds.

Suzanne Dainer, Jan Rapkins and Gail Palmer (skip) took second place with a score of 20 over Alison Maloney, Clare Cork and Marg Naylor (skip). Dawn Kenny was the lucky winner of the meat voucher, thanks to Rapley and Son Plaza Meat. Unfortunately, the last of our visitors from Thiroul returned home this week – see you next time.

The Novice Singles was played last Thursday, Friday and Sunday, which turned out to be a great contest, with hard-fought matches and close finishes. It was a wonderful display of bowls from all competitors and the final end of the match between the first and second acquirers decided the overall winner.

The winner, with four wins on the board, saw Sue Sansom be awarded the Novice Singles title for 2022. Congratulations Sue on your achievement. Second place was Julie Smith with three wins.

Ruth J. Leeds